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Hi! We’re Jen & Brett – two engineers with not very much time on our hands, trying to maintain a blog as a way to make sure we have a life (is this backwards?).  Here’s what we look like on any given day (photocred to the amazing AMW Studios):


We got engaged in February of 2012, while Jen was in the middle of her first graduate class in ECE.  The level of stress involved in grad school while working full time at a startup resulted in the decision to plan the wedding for after graduation (summer 2014).

Inspired by Evan Barden’s blog OHD, we first decided that we would use our engagement as a way to go on dates and adventures and document it all. Naturally, we fashioned this elaborate plan in our heads where we would experience wild things every single weekend, checking them off as we went, and writing hilarious accounts of our experiences. We would never fall behind on either our activities or our writing, because we really enjoy crossing things off of lists (seriously, you should see our whiteboard). This was a pretty naive plan given that our lack of spare time had just led us to decide that we needed 2 years to plan a single party.

It took us a little while to launch the plan, but we did. At first the blog was intended to include only post-engagement activities, but then we decided… we existed prior to engagement, so why are we pretending we didn’t do anything before then? So, from time to time Pre-February 2012 stories may pop up.  Hopefully that is acceptable to the crowd of 4 people reading this (aka our parents).

In the interest of full disclosure, this is what we actually tend to look like (photocred Jen’s iPhone in a cab potentially on the way to an airport in Madrid):


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  1. Linda Ponsler

    Now I will finally know what is going on. Love ya Linda

  2. Kim

    5 people read it, parents + Kim 😀

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