On our way home

Puerto Rico

A view of the beach

We jetted off to Puerto Rico for a long weekend in 2013 for some relaxation and fun in the sun! Some of our tips from Puerto Rico:

  • Eat tapas style at the kioskes in Fajardo!
  • Don’t be an idiot – wear sunscreen
  • If you go snorkeling with an underwater camera, ask the boat captain which of the snorkeling places you are going to is best so you don’t run out of battery too early!
  • Skip Culebra and go to Vieques – the line to Culebra is insane and preference is given to Puerto Ricans
  • … and if you go to Vieques – plan your visit in advance!
  • Stop into El Yunque rainforest for some nice waterfalls
Checkers stealing all of the drinks

Rum Galore

28/05/2013 - Leave a Comment - CatañoPuerto Rico

On our final day we checked out of the hotel and drove to Loquillo to give Checkie a visit to the beach. He hadn’t had a chance to come to Vieques or on the snorkel trip for fear that he would have too much fun with the fish and swim away.  We had a photoshoot… Read more →

Obligatory underwater snorkel shot

Sail and snorkel!

27/05/2013 - 1 Comment - FajardoPuerto Rico

Despite our previous decision to just go to some beach in Fajardo, I woke up early and went to front desk to see if we could get a trip. I really had no hope that we would find anything, so when the woman called a snorkel place and looked at me and said we had… Read more →

La Coca Falls

El Yunque and Fajardo

25/05/2013 - Leave a Comment - Puerto Rico

We woke up with the intention of exploring old san Juan on foot before heading to El Junque national rainforest, but the second we left a torrential downpour began. We sought refuge in an overhang by an ATM and ended up taking out our cash for the weekend. Sadly as the rain continued, it encroached… Read more →

We stumbled on a street party with live music and walked on through

A night in San Juan, PR

24/05/2013 - Leave a Comment - San JuanPuerto Rico

We’ve become pretty obsessed with this get-away-for-a-weekend thing, and decided that we’d go somewhere tropical for Memorial Day weekend. We picked Puerto Rico – a four hour direct flight via Jet Blue – who knew?! We arrived pretty excited… Waited in line for quite some time for our car rental but made friends with the… Read more →