On our way home


Pastries galore!

We spent a whirlwind long weekend in Lisbo(a/n) with our friend Justine (and dipped into Sintra/Belem)! We had an awesome time and would definitely go back. Some tips:

  • Explore the city on foot – while hilly, it’s very walkable and is easy to get the feel for
  • Make sure to spend a night out in the Bairro Alto – it comes to life in the evenings
  • Pasteis de Belem – it’s delicious, but make sure you get some water with your pastries!

Santa justa elevator

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The final thing we had on our (Jen’s) list of things to do in Portugal, as to ride the Santa Justa elevator (pictured below). As we arrived we noticed a fairly long line of people waiting to go up. We also noticed that the elevator rides took approximately ten minutes per trip so we didn’t… Read more →


Bota alta

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For our final night in Lisbon, we decided to head to a restaurant called Bota Alta which Justine found online and had very good reviews. As we arrived (sans reservations) there was a group of around 10 people standing right outside the door. We assumed this meant the restaurant would be packed, however, we walked… Read more →

Finally having arrived at the castle, we had to laugh at the not-so-short walk


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Of the stops we were to make on our lightning speed sightseeing of Lisbon, the Jeronimos Monastery was just about my number one.  I’d done quite a bit of research for our trip and since it was Brett’s first trip to Europe, I was on the lookout for things like this. The Portuguese were apparently… Read more →

Brett and I at the miniature Great Wall

Castelo dos Moures

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Our second stop in Sintra was the Castle of the Moors just a short walk downhill from Pena.  Before embarking on our journey, we again had the pleasure of experiencing Portuguese efficiency. We stood in line to get tickets in a small (not airconditioned) cabin.  The line was about 20 feet long, yet it somehow managed… Read more →

Enjoying the view

Castelo de Pena

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We first attempted to walk to Pena, but luckily a nice man told us that it was 6 km uphill and that we should turn around and take the bus.  Once on the bus we had the opportunity to see an amazing local woman, described by Juju in her post.  After a very long and… Read more →

Juju enjoying her pastry :)

A Lisboa Breakfast

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We woke up bright and early, as planned, to head to a breakfast place recommended to us by some women at the restaurant the night before. We walked to Chiado Square in search of the restaurant, but it apparently didn’t open until 11 AM. Justine screamed something funny about what kind of breakfast place doesn’t… Read more →

Happy people eating on the street.

L’arrivée de Justine!

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We made it back to our flat rather easily on foot.  We simply went downhill until we wound up near the market we’d previously purchased our pastries at.  We pretty exhausted from our long day, so we stopped into the fanciest Starbucks ever for some cafe mochas.  Oddly enough, we never go to Starbucks at… Read more →


That time we walked into an owl den

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We hopped out of our taxi onto the cobblestone streets outside of the Castelo de Sao Jorge, which had been occupied by the Romans, Visigoths, and Moors all prior to the 14th century, when it was turned into a Royal Palace.   After a bit of confusion about how to purchase tickets to get inside (it’s… Read more →

Some crazy graffiti on our way down the hill

Roaming the streets of Lisboa

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After our short layaway in Madrid, we arrived in Lisbon early in the evening and took a taxi ride over to the Bairro Alto to meet up with our host, Patricia.  Our flat (rented via www.airbnb.com) was located in an absolutely ideal location for a young weekender’s stay – right in the most active area… Read more →