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Napolitano Round Deux

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For our final dinner out in Namibia (our food was provided by the tour we were on for our final night) we decided we would see our friend Eze again at Napolitano. We were more than happy to go to a familiar place, and honestly shocked at how good the food really was. We ordered… Read more →


Jetty 1905

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There wasn’t too much to do in Swakop during the day (other than wait for our activities), so mostly we just ate (and shopped).  We found this gem of a restaurant called Jetty 1905, where we had our first conveyor belt sushi buffet! It didn’t open until noon so we had some time to kill….. Read more →


22 Degrees South

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After our afternoon of sandboarding we were in desperate need of a shower and a bit of a nap. After both, we made reservations at The Lighthouse (supposedly the best restaurant in Swakop) for dinner, and walked on over (everything in Swakop is walkable). When we arrived they had no idea what we were talking… Read more →



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Today we went sand boarding in the Namib Desert. Jen and I were picked up fairly early and taken out to the desert where we would spend the rest of the morning. Once everyone arrived (about 50 people in total) the instructors split us up into several groups based on our experience with snow/sand boarding…. Read more →


The Tug

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After skydiving we felt like dressing up and going out on the town. We made reservations at The Tug down on the water, and prepared for some excellent seafood.     Here we are right before we went inside. We were seated close to the door, which slammed closed repeatedly throughout the meal. It was… Read more →


Jumping Out of A Plane

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Today Jen and I went skydiving over the Namib desert.  We stopped at the Village Cafe for breakfast before we were then picked up outside of our hotel and taken to another hotel where they discussed safety, prices, and finally had us sign up to go. Unfortunately, a family with about five young children (ranging… Read more →


Notre safari en Afrique: Le Troisième Nuit

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This afternoon was our best trip yet.  We have been gradually losing people as the week wore on, as some vacations ended others were beginning. As a result, the coordinators at Erindi were doing their very best to separate our group… but we would NOT surrender!  They separated our dear friend Franck no less than… Read more →


Our African Safari: Day 1

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We woke up bright and early for our Erindi pickup.  After realizing that just because we were in Africa didn’t mean it was warm, I decided I needed to run down to Windhoek in an attempt to purchase a winter jacket and boots at 7 AM – before our 8 AM pickup.  None of the… Read more →


Out in Windhoek

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After our trip to Otjomuise it was time to get in as much Windhoek as we could.  We ran back to the room to grab a few things and headed out on the town. I’d planned for Brett to see at least NICE and Joe’s Beerhouse.  Since we’re the champions of dining, this was in… Read more →


Otjomuise from Jen’s Perspective

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Today we went to Otjomuise, and I couldn’t have anticipated how happy it would make me feel. We took a taxi with Laudika, my project partner, and at first we were a little uncertain of exactly how to get to Dimbokro St., but with little trouble we made it. Our first stop was Edlagh’s house,… Read more →

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