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Hong Kong

The city from the mountain

Our travels in Hong Kong are not done yet (we plan to go back)! While on our honeymoon (November 2014) we went to HK for a weekend to visit a friend. Our brief set of tips for Hong Kong:

  • The culture is refreshingly polite – we didn’t experience any of the crowded, aggressive, rude behavior that we prepared ourselves for
  • Check out The Peak, either by hiking on foot or taking the tram up – the views are spectacular
  • Bring clothes for HOT weather
  • Plan some outdoor activities – HK is a gloriously fit city
  • Experience the night life – the cosmopolitan nature of the city makes it easy to feel comfortable and find your kind of place

Weekend in Hong Kong (香港)!

21/11/2014 - 1 Comment - Hong Kong

After an awesome week in Chiang Mai we headed to Hong Kong to meet up with Justine – my friend from high school (you might remember her from our weekend in Lisbon). Justine lives in HK right now and we’re both envious of her amazing SE Asia lifestyle. We admittedly travelled in a very odd… Read more →