On our way home


Posing on Rue St Paul during our evening stroll

What to say about America’s hat? ;-). Well, we’ve only really gone to Montreal and I’m sure we will go to many more places in this wonderful country. Our tips for Montreal are:

  • Don’t go in July – it was so hot and humid that it was almost not enjoyable to walk around
  • Eat lots of maple ice cream – it’s delicious!

More tips to come once we’ve actually spent some time in Canada!


Montreal – Le 5ème jour

07/07/2013 - Leave a Comment - MontrealCanada

On our final day in Montreal we woke up to another amazing breakfast. While we ate Jen read some papers for her thesis. Jerome told us about his cooking techniques, ingredients he uses, and other things and Jen furiously scribbled notes on the back of her thesis papers.   After breakfast, we decided to head… Read more →

what is this again

Montreal Day 4

06/07/2013 - Leave a Comment - MontrealCanada

Saturday was a lazy day. Jen gave me the greatest gift ever – she said we didn’t have to run in the morning. Jerome served us yet another amazing breakfast. Jen tried to finish as much of her homework as she could, and we stayed in until around 3 PM when we decided to go… Read more →