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We spent a few days of our honeymoon in Siem Reap, Cambodia exploring the temples in the city and its surroundings and some rural (both land and water) villages outside of the city. Some tips for a stay in Siem Reap:

  • Go on a photo tour with Eric de Vries! We wish it was possible to do this everywhere around the world.
  • Reserve lots of time for going out on Pub Street and its surroundings – happy hour is a lot longer than an hour :)!
  • Bring some heavy duty bug spray/cream to protect yourself from the mosquitos.
The grand entrance to Pub Street

Exploring Siem Reap at Night

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On our last night in Siem Reap we decided to head downtown to explore the city despite our exhaustion — and we ended up being very glad that we did! Once you get downtown there is a street called “Pub Street” which is…. a street with a shit ton of pubs. The lighting and overall… Read more →


Afternoon Visit to Angkor Wat

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We arrived back at Angkor Wat in the afternoon in order to avoid the crowds (and once again Eric planned this perfectly). As we approached the temple we saw a couple of monks who were taking photos of each other on their cell phones (not very monk like?). As we walked Eric explained that Angkor Wat started out… Read more →


Exploring the Bayon

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After a pitstop for lunch we were rejuvenated and ready to explore one of the two most ancient temples in Angkor – the Bayon, located at the center of the Angkor Archeological Park. A bit more crowded than Banteay Kdei, but ripe with artistic shots, we were both thrilled to be at there. Four huge carved… Read more →

Face tower

The Ruins of Banteay Kdei

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Our next stop was Banteay Kdei – a Buddhist temple built in the middle of the 12th century under King Jayavarman VII (his first huge temple!). I have to admit I was a little drained by the time we got here – we were both having a blast at the temples and enjoying Eric’s assignments,… Read more →


Terrace of the Lepur King

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The Terrace of the Lepur King is just a short walk across a dirt road from Phreah Pithu. It was now 9:30 AM and the sun was shining bright and hot. The terrace was a u-shaped structure thought to have been used as a royal cremation site. We could barely wait to get inside to escape… Read more →

Second monk enters

Monks at Phreah Pithu

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After a great start to the day at Ta Prohm, we headed off to Phreah Pithu for our photoshoot with monks! (Eric has a longstanding relationship with several older monks from a pagoda near the temples. The money from the photoshoot is used to fund life in the monestary as well as temple improvements.) We… Read more →

Overgrown window

Ta Prohm – A temple within the jungle

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We left the crowds of the Angkor Wat sunrise (now completely over, but still with hoards of people arriving for their first shot) behind and headed into the Cambodian jungle, to Ta Prohm – a Buddhist monastery built in the Khmer style under King Jayavarman VII in the 1100s. Eric explained that with our timing… Read more →

Angkor Wat at sunrise

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

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We met Eric in the lobby at around 4:45 AM and drove off in the dark toward Angkor Wat. Before long we were one in a crowd of many tuktuks and cars making their way toward the temple. After exiting the tuktuk Eric led us to the right of the temple – away from the line… Read more →


Traditional Cambodian Dancing: Apsara

24/11/2014 - 1 Comment - Siem ReapCambodia

If you skim a bunch of ‘what to do in Siem Reap’ links, most will mention to go see Apsara Dancing – a Khmer classical dance in which women in traditional dress narrate classical myths/religious stories. We decided to check it out at the Raffles Grand Hotel. We took a tuktuk from our hotel to the Raffles Grand Hotel –… Read more →

Floating home reflection

Rural Cambodia: A floating village

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Note: This post is a continuation of our photo tour A Day in the Countryside with Eric de Vries. The floating village was perhaps the most anticipated part of our day long tour of the villages outside Siem Reap, Cambodia – we couldn’t wait to get started! We pulled up to the dock and hopped onto our… Read more →


Rural Cambodia: Another village

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Note: This post is a continuation of our photo tour A Day in the Countryside with Eric de Vries. After touring the temple we made our way to another village, making a pitstop at a monastery. There were many young monks around, and by now I’d become curious as to how so many young men know that… Read more →


Rural Cambodia: A village

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Note: In an effort to help Eric preserve the culture of the Cambodian villages we saw today we will not be sharing the names of any of the places we went. We left Hong Kong and headed straight (sort of, we did our typical flying through BKK thing) for Siem Reap, Cambodia – where we’d… Read more →