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Christmas Eve Dinner in the Clouds

24/12/2014 - 1 Comment - ParisFrance

After exploring Notre Dame and our brief stop at the Louvre we headed home to get ready for a night out at Le Ciel de Paris – a restaurant atop the Montparnasse Tower with a fantastic view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. This time we managed to grab an Uber to fit all 5… Read more →


Insanity: Jen’s Take

01/07/2012 - Leave a Comment - BostonUnited States

I mostly agree with Brett about insanity, but thought it would be funny/interesting to hear it from my perspective. I was frigging exhausted. Me and two hours of driving per day do not get along well – when you add getting up at 5 am into the mix… I’m not the happiest camper. I was pretty… Read more →

Off to the Outer Banks!

25/05/2012 - Leave a Comment - HatterasUnited States

We decided we needed to do something spontaneous for this glorious 3 day weekend (Memorial Day).  It was my first vacation day off since starting my Master’s in ECE @ WPI, so off we flew to NC for the weekend. As usual, it took Brett all of 3 minutes to fall asleep on the plane…. Read more →


Bravin’ the Storm

10/02/2012 - Leave a Comment - WorcesterUnited States

As most of the world seems to know (my wonderful friend’s from Germany & France have checked in) – New England was hit by Nemo this weekend. Brett & I ate in on Friday and took a while to peak outside at our cars, here’s what we saw:   Not motivated to shovel, we stayed… Read more →

Blogging fame

09/02/2012 - Leave a Comment - WorcesterUnited States

“I think what is more likely is that one of us will get chosen, the other will become extremely jealous, we will break up, and our relationship will be over all because of this blog.”–Brett, on how we might be chosen to be a paid blogger ‘cause I keep linking things to external websites.