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A resolution to get healthy: 8 5ks!

14/02/2015 - Leave a Comment - Mountain ViewUnited States

The end of 2014 was rather activity intensive – after spending a month in Southeast Asia without gaining any weight, we spent early December falling completely off the healthy train – with me interviewing and Brett working really hard to catch up at work, we couldn’t manage to get ourselves to the gym. The Keating (+Keating Ponsler) family… Read more →

Long Pond in The Fells

Sunday Morning

04/08/2013 - Leave a Comment - BostonUnited States

We visited Winchester last night to see my  parents for Brett’s birthday dinner. An entry shall come with some nice pictures form our time, but this is a more pressing matter. We awoke relatively early and after failing to find anything desirable on TV we decided to make breakfast and go for a morning walk… Read more →


Cooking from Pinterest

05/05/2013 - Leave a Comment - WorcesterUnited States

I (Jen) went a little nuts with a Pinterest board of healthy meals to make, and after getting home from a weekend at ImagineRIT we decided to try a few out. We went with a creamy avocado pasta – where a sauce made out of avocado acts as a replacement for alfredo sauce, and two… Read more →

We are bad.

27/03/2013 - Leave a Comment - WorcesterUnited States

I’m posting this because we desperately need to get back on track. We were doing a phenomenal job with making food at home and going to the gym in the morning… until we went to Portugal. For some reason we thought it made sense to empty our fridge of food before leaving for a single… Read more →


Jambalaya and udon!

11/02/2013 - Leave a Comment - WorcesterUnited States

As promised, we made udon  with beef and jambalaya with shrimp and ham for this week’s prepared food, as well as a whole lotta smoothie. All three are fab… we had to try all of them :). First, the udon with beef: Then came the jambalaya… To put it lightly Brett ate some and proclaimed that he wanted… Read more →